Proyecto para, a learning society…

EVOLUTION IN LEARNING // Skidsy, a learning society

We need to adjust today’s learning systems to adopt to the evolutions of our world and the way we learn. Collaborate and join together to form a learning society with Skidsy.

A NEED FOR CHANGE // Skidsy, a learning society

We need to learn in a new way.

A LEARNING SOCIETY WITHIN SKIDSY // Skidsy, a learning society

A learning society is an educational philosophy where we collaborate to learn from each other. In Skidsy, we aim to create a learning society within all our cities.

Guión: Falansh
Guión gráfico: Falansh / Álex Dios
Ilustraciónes: Falansh / Álex Dios
Edición: Álex Dios
Música: Luis Agulló